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Toni and Adam Bellamy are 4th generation independent liquor merchants. Their family has been providing the public with quality wines and ales almost since the dawn of time. Purveyors of the most commodified of liquor products to the specialisations of each brother. Toni, wine. Adam, Beer. Our blog is to update you on current products that have arrived in store. also the ventilation on some of our thoughts regarding the industry. For further information (address, contact details, trading hours) please visit our website www.platinumliquor.com

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sydney Craft Beer Week Events For 2014

Platinum Liquor & HopDog BeerWorks Presents True Grit

Buy Tickets >> HERE <<

Platinum Liquor & Yeastie Boys Presents - The Hazards Of Love

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Renovation update.

Renovation update.

As a lot of you would know, we are STILL in the process of renovating our property and shop at North Strathfield.

Thankfully and mercifully, you have been patient with our endeavours.

So we would like to announce that as on monday the 21st of July. We will begin the process of moving everything to the back half of the shop.

Then, the demolition of the font half will commence and so on the rebuilding.

We will try our best to provide a entrance from the footpath off Concord Road.

Be that as it may, you will be able to enter (and more importantly park - 2 parking spots -) through the rear entrance of the shop (via Clermont Lane).

This important step signifies we are 80% - 85% close to completing this monumental task.

Once the front half is finished, the shop will be shut for 2 - 4 weeks so the final, finishing touches and fit out.

Once again, thanks for your patience and we'll be back and firing on all cylinders.

be it 4 or 12…

Cheers, kind regards.

Platinum Liquor

Saturday, 5 July 2014

New Arrivals

Les Trois Mousquetaires G.C. Doppelbock
Les Trois Mousquetaires G.C. Porter Baltique
Dieu du Ciel / The Alchemist Moralité IPA
North Coast / Rogue / Deschuttes Class Of 88 Barley Wine
Prairie Bomb
Prairie Wine Barrel Noir
Prairie Saison
Prairie Birra (Farmhouse)
Rogue New Crustacean Barley Wine Sorta IPA
Nonge ø 1 Year Old Barrel Aged God Yul
Nonge ø Batch #500 DIPA
Nonge ø Batch #100 Barley Wine
Nonge ø Red Horizon 2nd Edition

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Are You Sitting Down For This?

Êtes-vous assis?

Are you sitting down for this?

Now at Bellevue Hill.

Arrivals of an overwhelming scale.

FRESH Lost Coast Indica India Pale Ale
Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat
Lost Coast Raspberry Brown
Eel River Triple Exultation
FRESH Eel River Certified Organic India Pale Ale
Eel River Raven’s Eye Imperial Stout
La Sirene Saison
La Sirene Wild Saison
La Sirene Fleur Folie
FRESH Liberty C!tra DIPA
FRESH Liberty Yakima Monster
FRESH 8 Wired “FRESH” Hopwired IPA
FRESH 8 Wired Hopwired IPA
8 Wired “Mighty” Oak aged Imperial Ale
8 Wired “Bumaye” Pinot barrel aged Imperial Stout
8 Wired Dry Oaked Cider
Epic Armageddon IPA
Epic Pale Ale
De La Senne Taras Bulba 330ml
De La Senne Zinnebir 330ml
Troubadour Magma (9.0%) 750ml
Troubadour Westkust (9.2%) BIPA 750ml
Troubadour Imperial Stout (9.0%) 750ml
Fantôme Saison (8.0%) 750ml
Fantôme Chocolat (8.0%) 750ml
Fantôme Hiver (Winter) (8.0%) 750ml
Fantôme de Noel (10.0%) 750ml
Le Rulles Estivale (5.2%) 750ml
Le Rulles Tripel (8.4%) 750ml
Le Rulles Cuvee Meilleurs Voeux (7.3%) 750ml
Trappist Rochforte 10 (11.3%) 330ml
Emelisse Crème Brulee Stout (8.0%) 330ml
Emelisse Imperial Russion Stout (11.0%) 330ml
St Bernardus Christmas 2013 (10.0%) 750ml
Alvinne Balthazar Oak Aged (9.0%) 500ml
Alvinne Mano Negra Bourbon Oak Aged (10.0%) 500ml
Alvinne Melchior Malaga Oak Aged (11%) 500ml
Tripel Karmeliet (8.4%) 750ml
Tripel Karmeliet (8.4%) 1500ml
Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait 2009
De Ranke XX Bitter (6.2%) 750ml
Bush Prestige (11.0%) 750ml
Bush de Nuits (13.0%) 750ml
Duchesse de Bourgogne (6.2%) 750ml
Rodenbach Vintage (7.0%) 750ml
Winterkoninckske Grand Cru (13.0%) 750ml
*De Struise Black Damnation Coffe Club 750ml
*De Struise Black Damnation Mocha Bomb 750ml
*De Struise Black Damnation Black Mes 750ml
*De Struise Black Damnation Nuptiale A2 750ml

*These beers are sold as an 'AdamSell' only, which means that they will be hidden out the back. They are only sold by Adam himself. He has to like you, to offer it to you, to sell it to you.

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Last week at Platinum Liquor we rolled out a new regime of buying beer (individually that is).

Accordingly, you will now see some of the stickers (picture above) placed upon selected (for those of you who don’t understand, ‘selected’ translates to “not all, only some”) six and four packs that will be for sale individually.

Categorically on beers that I utmost refuse to be stuck with single bottles.

Examples of beers that are now not for sale individually already look something like this:

Founders Rubaus
Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta
De Ranke XX Bitter
Most Pale Ales
Founders All Day IPA (the beer that started it all – the straw that broke the camels back if you will)
Yeastie Boys Digital
Riverside 77 IPA
Riverside 44 Amber
HopDog Alluvial Peach ( I'm not afraid of being stuck with HopDog AP, I merely think it's that tasty that you should be ashamed of yourself if you don't want to buy a 6pck, so i mack that decision for you)

And obviously, there will be others that come and go.

Previously, we (infamously) would charge excessively for singles of some of these beers (our version of economically encouraging pupils to purchase the designated six or four pack).

However, the diligence of some beer folk being at astonishingly militant levels. That our hands were tied and forced.

We simply cannot endure the burden of having so much stock (a.k.a money) sitting around doing nothing, losing flavor, slowly passing its best before and costing us in the long run.

I am worried about a loss in sales due to this new policy, you may ask?

Not particularly, the majority of the box tickers (y’know the guys who drink good beer and appreciate it, however if they didn’t box tick beers, this particular habit MAY well manifest itself in the collection of magazines, Warhammer, WOW, Pokemon, underpants, train timetables…), already choose not to shop and my establishment to begin with. They would rather purchase singles of everything of the Internet and refuse to pay our prices regardless.

They tend to only get in contact, visit or ‘possibly’ purchase things with us when we seeking items that other stores don’t carry, which equates to them carrying out this ritual every two to three months.

It would be no secret that I abhor the sale and purchase of beers (particularly those of reasonable standard) individually.

For two reasons;


Philosophically I disagree with it.

I have also mentioned on previous posts how I find it incredible that the vast majority of people in the beer community judge and ‘rate beer’ simply by having tried 330 ml (sometimes less) of a particular brew (obviously there are exceptions, if a beer is exceptionally good or indeed exceptionally bad etc.).
I think of beers (and most importantly their brewers) are almost like relationships. I can’t tell you the amount of beers and beers that I either loved, liked, disliked and thought were horrid, but by the end of a six pack (bomber, 750ml bottle etc.) I had fallen back in or out of love with the said brew.

Beers can lose you, and/or come back to you. That’s the beauty of it.

So I am always perplexed when people (if I’m honest, a lot of you reading this blog now) give a ‘supposed’ opinion on a beer simply by tasting fifty milliliters. Quite astonishing really, considering you lot are also the kind of people that truck out that same old chestnut when people ask what your favorite beer is –

“Oh, it depends. On how I’m felling what I’m eating, what time of the day/month/year it in…”

But, how are you to fully understand and grasp this concept if you merely give a brew 330ml (or less) of chance in hell to impress you?

Food Brew for thought (I might have to cover this theory in its entirety on a additional separate blog post, considering I feel so strongly about it)


Economically, it is unrealistic tight rope to walk.

Once you add up all the time and effort it takes to fix up and mess around the four/six packs of beers in our fridges, it starts to become a drain on productivity. All that without mentioning the sometimes one to two thousand dollars of stock in singles and half empty six packs remaining that fall through the cracks and end up becoming toxic on you cash flow.

- Quick example to simplify things :

You have an invoice from a brewer/importer for one solitary carton of beer. That invoice is now due, however you have only sold a quarter of the box in singles. You pay said invoice and inevitably are stuck with just over half the box -

This is very simple example and explanation of what we call negative cash flow.

Where you pay for things that you have not yet sold. Obviously not all of you are business minded or savvy (which is more than fine) however, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that if you continue to pay (money) for stock (invoices) that you have not yet sold, you are going down quicker than you can say “I’ve had that beer before”.

It's not the greatest scenario, however it's one that I have a clear conscious about.

You may agree with this new policy, it may make you want to pull your own hair out, however you must be able to understand and cannot fault me for submitting a rational explanation for its causes and execution.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Love Letters - Preface.

One month ago, I finally sampled Westvleteren 12.

It signified a magnanimous moment for me, A culmination of feelings in regards to the ‘Grand Slam” of the 'Quadruple'.
The following blog posts are love letters to the four crowning Quadruple's describing my feelings and how I came about them.
Love is for everybody, and we all deserve to be happy, but sometimes we don’t always get what we deserve.

Love Letters Part I

Dear Chimay Grand Reserve,

We have a long checkered history as of now you and I. Time has passed, thoughts mellowed, pallets changed, hearts broken, affairs had.

You were my first, and as they say in the classics, you never forget your first.
Your elegant gothic looks, and feel, you powerful brace. Your grip around my tongue.

I was but 18 years old.

That evening. That crisp June evening. You took my hand and thrust me forth into the unknown. We had Roast Lamb together. You loved it.

Your unbridled carbonation lapped up all the lamb fat roasted onions, potatoes, carrots and parsnips.

Your juicy velvet centre and underlining hint of the fortified’s of yesteryear took it’s vows with the red wine sauce.

You had me at (the sound of the cork) “pop”.

You completed me. This was more than a fling. This was love. We were meant to be together you and me. It was eternal.

Times passed

I grew tired, I wanted more out of life (beer). Your advances were less suitable for my needs now. My needs were changing. We were stuck in a rut.

“Honestly” I said, “it’s me. Its not you. I promise”.

We broke up, I resented you.

I resented your appeal to others. Others who dare not understand you as much as me. You made me resent your style (Quad).

You became a cheap alternative for other people’s love affairs of poor taste.
Who was I to butt in?

“Oohh I Love the Chimay Blue” people would say.

All I could be was jealous. One, because they had clearly fallen for you. And two, because they misunderstood my love.

I began a journey. Never looking back. I left you behind in that small town, promising never to return.

However, fate is a funny thing you know. God does work in mysterious ways.
Fast forward seven long hard years of travelling. Things were going well.

A few romances, a few one-night stands. And two serious relationships.

I take you home one more time, seven years down the track. We have both learned things. About each other and ourselves. With grit and dirt, now seeing the (beer) world with naked eyes, yet our feelings had remained the same through good and bad.

Your were 5 years past your vintage (the year was 2012 and you were from 2008 vint.), I thought I was doing you a favour. Our eyes met halfway across the store.
You had mold, mildew spots and blemishes of all over you, you had been neglected. You looked tired.

All those young buxom IPA’s around.

It was a cool September evening, we had lasagna (which included chopped up hard boiled egg between layers of the pasta along with the meat and sauce – specialty of where we are from Italy). Your “pop” had dulled, as with your colour.

But to my surprise and jubilation, you smelt fantastic. Your perfume was insatiable.
You tasted even better.

“Where had you been” I said to myself, time apart had made us a stronger couple. Your had lost none of your sultry power but lost all of your young heat. It was slower, tapered, relaxed, and easing in kind of love. New love, but old at the same time.

Time had been your friend, you still had all your best attributes but with a great deal more refinement, your cinnamon and nutmeg kick had interwoven with your slick crème caramel base. Your fortified silhouette had become even more integrated with notes of plum, anise, raisin, dried apple and the touch of treacle that still provided that lovely yeasty “vegemite” bite.

Was this new, did this make me a spinster? Did this make you a cougar?

Did we care?

You never forget your first.

You know they say this. But, the thing is, they never tell you about frequency or heart raising ability of the hot steamy makeup…

Kisses and Hugs