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Toni and Adam Bellamy are 4th generation independent liquor merchants. Their family has been providing the public with quality wines and ales almost since the dawn of time. Purveyors of the most commodified of liquor products to the specialisations of each brother. Toni, wine. Adam, Beer. A family owned business, you can regularly find Toni or Adam providing the knowledgeable service that is often considered dying in the digital age, pontificating, being charming, displaying their strong opinions about the Wine/Beer industry and occasionally working hard. If there is a product that you are distinctly looking for, if they don’t already carry it in stock. They will try their damned near hardest to track it down and get it in for you. There are two Platinum Liquor stores in metropolitan Sydney, and can find both are within walking distance of typically horrid NSW public trains. You can find them at: 25a Bellevue Rd, Bellevue Hill 2023. 02 9389 3875. & 169 Concord Rd, North Strathfield 2137. 02 9743 1572. Or you can send us one of those new electronic mail things on: platinumliquor @ optusnet.com.au

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Just a post to remind and/or let the people that frequent our blog (for new arrivals), that if there has not been a post up on the log for some time and you are wondering if we have some new items in stock, it's always best to take a look at our twitter page.

There are times when I genuinely cannot be bothered putting posts up of freshly arrived stock, especially if we have only received a few new things. I will then send a quick tweet with the vitals.

Finding us on twitter is easier then looking up porn on the internet. And can be done in a couple of different ways.

1 . Simply google search “Platinum Liquor Twitter” and click on the page.
Scroll down the tweets and look for the very same “Arrivals” logo we use on the blog to announce new arrivals.

2 . You like us are a particular selection of society that is stupid, lazy, have no moral compass and actually have twitter. You can find and follow us directly on with our twitter handle being - @Platinum_Liquor

Friday, 11 April 2014

Love Letters - Preface.

One month ago, I finally sampled Westvleteren 12.

It signified a magnanimous moment for me, A culmination of feelings in regards to the ‘Grand Slam” of the 'Quadruple'.
The following blog posts are love letters to the four crowning Quadruple's describing my feelings and how I came about them.
Love is for everybody, and we all deserve to be happy, but sometimes we don’t always get what we deserve.

Love Letters Part I

Dear Chimay Grand Reserve,

We have a long checkered history as of now you and I. Time has passed, thoughts mellowed, pallets changed, hearts broken, affairs had.

You were my first, and as they say in the classics, you never forget your first.
Your elegant gothic looks, and feel, you powerful brace. Your grip around my tongue.

I was but 18 years old.

That evening. That crisp June evening. You took my hand and thrust me forth into the unknown. We had Roast Lamb together. You loved it.

Your unbridled carbonation lapped up all the lamb fat roasted onions, potatoes, carrots and parsnips.

Your juicy velvet centre and underlining hint of the fortified’s of yesteryear took it’s vows with the red wine sauce.

You had me at (the sound of the cork) “pop”.

You completed me. This was more than a fling. This was love. We were meant to be together you and me. It was eternal.

Times passed

I grew tired, I wanted more out of life (beer). Your advances were less suitable for my needs now. My needs were changing. We were stuck in a rut.

“Honestly” I said, “it’s me. Its not you. I promise”.

We broke up, I resented you.

I resented your appeal to others. Others who dare not understand you as much as me. You made me resent your style (Quad).

You became a cheap alternative for other people’s love affairs of poor taste.
Who was I to butt in?

“Oohh I Love the Chimay Blue” people would say.

All I could be was jealous. One, because they had clearly fallen for you. And two, because they misunderstood my love.

I began a journey. Never looking back. I left you behind in that small town, promising never to return.

However, fate is a funny thing you know. God does work in mysterious ways.
Fast forward seven long hard years of travelling. Things were going well.

A few romances, a few one-night stands. And two serious relationships.

I take you home one more time, seven years down the track. We have both learned things. About each other and ourselves. With grit and dirt, now seeing the (beer) world with naked eyes, yet our feelings had remained the same through good and bad.

Your were 5 years past your vintage (the year was 2012 and you were from 2008 vint.), I thought I was doing you a favour. Our eyes met halfway across the store.
You had mold, mildew spots and blemishes of all over you, you had been neglected. You looked tired.

All those young buxom IPA’s around.

It was a cool September evening, we had lasagna (which included chopped up hard boiled egg between layers of the pasta along with the meat and sauce – specialty of where we are from Italy). Your “pop” had dulled, as with your colour.

But to my surprise and jubilation, you smelt fantastic. Your perfume was insatiable.
You tasted even better.

“Where had you been” I said to myself, time apart had made us a stronger couple. Your had lost none of your sultry power but lost all of your young heat. It was slower, tapered, relaxed, and easing in kind of love. New love, but old at the same time.

Time had been your friend, you still had all your best attributes but with a great deal more refinement, your cinnamon and nutmeg kick had interwoven with your slick crème caramel base. Your fortified silhouette had become even more integrated with notes of plum, anise, raisin, dried apple and the touch of treacle that still provided that lovely yeasty “vegemite” bite.

Was this new, did this make me a spinster? Did this make you a cougar?

Did we care?

You never forget your first.

You know they say this. But, the thing is, they never tell you about frequency or heart raising ability of the hot steamy makeup…

Kisses and Hugs


Love Letters - Part II

Dear St Bernardus Abt 12,

We met at a funny stage in my life. I was looking for new experiences. We met by chance one evening and dare I say with a lot of notoriety.

People were saying how wonderful you were, how I just “had” to get my hands and lips around you.

Maybe I was off my game that night.

But things are always relative with me, and with so many people talking you up*, I already had a chip on my shoulder and something of a score to settle with you.

You were aloof, dry and earthy beyond repair. You made my experience and relationship with Quads even more distant, difficult and strained.

You were dry and oh so dirty (dirty in a ‘wet concrete’ kind of way) fruits and spices subdued to the over powering display of your yeast profile.
Char, ash and waves of tobacco and ashtray. You were showing off in all the wrong areas.

You were showing off your breasts when really it was your bum that was amazing.

You were everything I’ve had and noting I wanted.

To be honest, you were actually a bit of a dud root.

“I’ve had better” sprang to mind when I finished you off, with the last warms sips from my tulip.

You had left a dirty taste in my mouth and I had almost lamented going all the way with you.

You had confirmed all my suspicions of being over priced, obtuse and coming across highly overrated.

I’ve tried to be a better person about it, you still make it awkward when we see each other out.

The less said about our quickie the better. There are still some people that rate you, to this very day.

They are also the very same people who would still want to have sex with Kim Kardashain, even though we have all discovered that she is actually a prodigious potentially STD laden slag.

Catch ya round, Adam

*After 1945, the Trappist Monastery St. Sixtus decided it would stop the sale of its beer.An agreement was reached where inside the walls of the Monastery the monks would brew only beer for their own consumption but would sell to the public at the gates of the Monastery and also for a few taverns connected to the Monastery.
A contract was agreed in 1962 With the Watou Brewery which brewed and sold the Trappist Beers under license. In 1992, the agreement came to an end because the Trappist Monasteries (6 in Belgium and 1 in the Netherlands) decided that the qualification ‘Trappistenbier’ could only be given to beers brewed inside the walls of the Trappist Monastery. Since 1992 the beers brewed in Watou are sold under the new brand name of ‘St Bernardus‘.
The "St Bernardus" range is considered by fools as a close match in recipe and style to the St Sixtus (aka Westvlertran 8 and 12) beers.

Love Letters - Part III

Dear Westvleteren 12,

Here we are. We finally meet. After all this time.

I’ve grown up a bit now, I’m ready for your love, your array of flavor, delight and splendor.

I never really sought you out, it just wasn’t my thing. You were like that classically beautiful girl in high school that was really friendly and nice to all us ugly boys.

I really wanted you, but I knew you were just going to say no.

You were outside my league, but your kindness and subtle gestures made me feel special nonetheless.

It wasn’t worth the embarrassment. I knew the outcome.

But two weeks ago was the night. “tonight was the night” I thought to myself.

I made dinner for us, it was special, simple yet significant. ‘Caccio e pepe’.

Spaghettini, butter and pecorino romano, with lashings of freshly ground pepper.

The food aside, you were an expensive evening.

You poured the mostly lovely of ruddy russet browns ever, you displayed hints of carob, toffee. A creamy buildup, however as the tight carbonation hits, there is warmth in the mouth. Silky smooth. golden syrup, blossom honey, toffee, as it warmed medicinal, anise, ginger, booze-soaked golden raisins. Alcohol is quite boozy and warming. Bone-dry and alcohol breath.

You were good. Very good. You were almost worth the hype.

However you were still disappointing. You maybe the Holy Grail but maybe only in your pursuits. Not in your final delivery.

You were everything I was hoping for, but then somehow you still fell short of my expectations. Would I love you again, yes. Would I cherish this moment forever, yes.

Would I run the end of the street and shout to the world, infatuated with your seductive treats in my belly.


I do apologise, this isn’t a break up, We never got that far.

We were just “seeing each other”. It never got any more serious than that.

I would like to you to visit occasionally but in reality we don’t connect, and we don’t have anything in common.

I am ‘in love’ with the thought of being in love with you, but I am not actually ‘in love’ with you.

You don’t want me anyways. I would take you for granted. Cheat on you regularly and make up stories about only drinking water or sprits that night I went out with my mates.

It was good, while it lasted.

Kind Regards


Love Letters - Part IV

Dear Rochefort 10,

We all deserve a place to call home.

We all deserve and have the right to be happy don’t we? You know this more than me.

To me, you make life worth living, I would indeed set sail of a thousand ships to behold your beauty one last time.

You are the reason people peruse the unbelievable. The world turns on such myths of happiness and fulfillment that you provide me with.

You are a dream.

We could lay talking on the phone for hours together.

No words spoken, just enjoying the silence together. We would both know this is meant to be. We have everything in common, your thoughts, your dreams, your beliefs, your loves, your hates and your fears.

We would experience them together.

Love doesn’t always work out the how you planned. It throws curve balls.

We take each other by the hand and move forward.

I never forget the first night we met. It was a ordinary Monday.

I thought you would just be like the rest of them. I wasn’t expecting much, I'd a bad run of late and I thought I was just ticking you off the list (yes, that list).

Diner that I cooked for us was as comfortable as they come, grilled meat and peperonata (peppers and potatoes stewed with water and a dash of red pasta sauce).

You poured in to the glass and your head had already disappeared.

They say, that most days are unremarkable.

Not this one.

You were creamy, firm yet elegant. Your light but evervesant prickly carbonation. You rivaled that of toffee and cotton candy with whips of minty leafy green hop. Cocoa’s, peppery spices, the faintest hint of anise and nutmeg. Your subtle smoky, rum soaked Christmas pudding character was not even the beginning of how to describe your weight. Burnt sugar, honeyed oats, plum, dash of spiced fig and licorice to top it all of with the faint whiff of booze.

As you warmed, we intertwined with each other.

Make me ours.

Is this love? I wasn’t to be sure.

If this feeling is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

We have come full circle, its all beginning to make sense to me know. Why we are, they way we are.

All that moves the sun and the stars is the closest thing I can come to saying how much I love you.

This is eternal, we are bound together you and I.

We have changed things for each other. There is no going back.

You are the beginning of a day and the end of an evening. You are nothing more than you ought to be. I love you for everything you are, and everything you are not.

This is it. For my heart to be full.

Love, yours truly.


Friday, 21 March 2014

Arrivals & Things.

The Following beers will be available at North Strathfield from Sunday the 23rd of March

Lost Coast Indica India Pale Ale
Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat
Lost Coast Raspberry Brown
Lost Coast Winterbraun
Evil Twin Femme Fatale Yuzu Pale
Evil Twin Justin Blåbær
Eel River Triple Exultation
Eel River Certified Organic India Pale Ale
Eel River Raven’s Eye Imperial Stout

And The Following beers will be at available Bellevue Hill from Saturday the 22nd of March

Lost Coast Indica India Pale Ale
Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat
Lost Coast Raspberry Brown
Lost Coast Winterbraun
Evil Twin Femme Fatale Yuzu Pale
Evil Twin Justin Blåbær
Evil Twin / Sante Adairius Joey Pepper
Evil Twin Ron And The Beast Ryan
Eel River Açai Berry Wheat
Eel River Triple Exultation
Eel River Certified Organic India Pale Ale
Eel River Raven’s Eye Imperial Stout